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The 64.5 credit / 754-credit hour Massage Therapy Certificate Program meets the local City of San Diego educational requirements of 500 hours of training to become a licensed Massage Therapist and the California Certified Massage Therapist educational requirements. It provides a basic well-rounded education in hands-on bodywork techniques most commonly expected by employers and the general public.


Courses in this program include the Foundational Methods group of courses, which expands on the basic information presented in the Essentials course, and introduces Asian Healing Arts and Clinical experience into the training. College level anatomy, physiology and pathology, client communications, business practices and ethics, an introduction to the advanced pain management techniques of Neuromuscular Therapy, additional study of Asian Healing Arts, and elective massage and movement classes are also included in the Massage Therapy program curriculum.


In addition, the program addresses the subjects covered in the National Certification Exam administered by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB), recommended for individuals in the field of massage.


Massage Therapist Program Objectives

Learn what you can expect with your Massage Therapist training:


To provide a basic, well-rounded education in eastern and western hands-on bodywork, experiential learning, and somatic awareness from a mind/body/spirit approach that prepares graduates for a professional and effective practice.


To provide graduates with a fundamental understanding of anatomy, physiology, and pathology and an introduction to business practices, including marketing, finances, legal issues, and business planning.


To provide the necessary training to become a licensed massage therapist in the City of San Diego and a Certified Massage Therapist in the state of California and to qualify graduates to sit for the National Certification Exam administered by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB).


To provide graduates with the tools to effectively communicate with their clients, assess client needs, and design safe, effective sessions.


To provide graduates with superior bodywork skills, personal motivation, ethical awareness, and sustainable body mechanics in order to support a positive career, continued education, and an appreciation of lifelong learning.


Massage Therapy Course Requirements

MT Program

Massage Therapy Program Disclosure: IPSB discloses certain information about its programs to prospective students.


Labor Information:

The Massage Therapy Program prepares students for a career as a massage therapist. The U.S. Department of LABOR’S Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) Code for the occupation is 31-0911. For additional information about this profession in San Diego County, please visit the State of California Employment Development Department’s Occupation Profile for Massage Therapists in San Diego.


For 2012, the State of California Employment Development Department reported median annual salary for a massage therapist in San Diego County at $34,750.


Tuition and Fees and Books and Supplies:

The tuition and fees for a student completing the program within the normal time frame is as follows:


Massage Therapy program

Application Fee (non refundable)




Lab Fees


Required Textbooks (estimate)


Student Tuition Refund Fee (if applicable)





Student Tuition Refund Fees are required by the California Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education and are calculated at $0.50 per $1,000 in tuition. The fee is charged each term based upon the tuition charged for that term. Accordingly, the total charged for the program will vary student-to-student.


The College reserves the right to change tuition, including any costs and fees. Required textbooks will vary depending upon the elective courses taken. In addition, textbook assignments may change in response to publisher updates and curriculum reviews.


Additional fees may be applied, including course withdraw fees. Please review the Catalog for a full list of other fees that may be applied.



Job Placement and Graduation Rates as reported to accrediting agency (COMTA) in its 2011 Annual Report

Placement Rate

Completion within 150% of Published Program Length

Enrollment Status



Enrollment Status





National Exam Pass Rates

For the reporting period July 1, 2011 to January 1, 2012, the College pass rate for the National Certification Exam by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork was as follows:

Pass Rate

Pass Rate

Pass Rate

National Certification Examination for
Therapeutic Massage




National Certification Examination for
Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork





For more information about our Massage Therapy Program rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please click here.


Specific class dates and hours for the Masage Therapy Program are listed in each Quarterly Schedule as well as on our Course Schedules page.

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