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IPSB College's provides its Course Schedules in three different formats: a printed version available on campus, and both a downloadable pdf version and a Google Calendar version available online here.


Printed Version: If you would like a copy of the printed version, please send an email to


Downloadable PDF Version: To view the interactive digital version of the latest quarterly schedule, which can be downloaded and printed, please click here.


Online Google Calendar Version: Scroll to the bottom and view the Google Calendar online. Please NOTE: Courses may be cancelled or changed at any time. For the most CURRENT version of the Course Schedule refer to the Course Schedule Google Calendar displayed below. If a course has been cancelled, the course will NOT appear in the Google Calendar. If any change has been made to the course, that information will appear in the description as: PLEASE NOTE: Course CHANGE.


When viewing the Course Schedule Google Calendar, courses are listed by Course Title and Course Number first. If the course has a Day or Evening option it will be noted as (D) or (E) at the end of the course number and if there is more than one section it will be noted as (D1), (E2) etc. So, for example: Anatomy for Body Therapists Applied Studies with two day sections and one evening section would have the code listed as ANT1212-L(D1), ANT1212-L(D2) and ANT1212-L(E).


The Course Schedule Calendar is organized by room and all room calendars are currently displayed. To view a specific calendar for a room, please click the down arrow at the top right corner of the calendar next to the word "Agenda", and deselect the calendars you do not wish to view.


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